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How It Works

  • Kindred was created for the thousands of ambitious independent brands doing and plotting amazing things but with no formal marketing plan and expertise to guide their growth. It unlocks value through a deep understanding of the needs and wants of the consumers who are fueling the craft revolution.

    It is born from the belief that these brands - boutique, craft, artisan, founder or family led - have a special recipe of ingredients that once unlocked enable them to craft stories, connect with customers and drive growth in a way that big business can’t.

  • It makes sense of all the things you may think you need more of - innovation, immersive experiences, content creation, social media, digital marketing, PR and more.

    But most importantly it creates progressive growth marketing plans reverse engineered to your business goals and tailored specifically for how we live, work and consume today.

Three Products

CRAFT – WE TEACH YOU: Sign up and start for FREE with tools, templates, downloads and weekly webinars.

CREATOR – WE DO IT FOR YOU: A guided framework for ambitious brand owners who need a plan ready to go + hand holding for the first three months of implementation. Includes 3 months free upload to the world’s first digital platform for maker brands looking to trace and tell their story online and in-store.

CHANGEMAKER: For a small group of independent brands looking to supercharge their growth who need a marketing team to help them.

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Why It Works

Kindred believes that independent brands – boutique, maker, craft and artisan – have a formula of seven special ingredients that once unlocked enables them to grow and create a mark on the world in a way that big business can’t.

  • Passion

    A brand built with heart, soul and passion

  • Provenance

    A sense of place and origin

  • Quality & Craftsmanship

    A dedication to quality and craftsmanship

  • Customer Experience

    A customer experience that stretches beyond the supermarket shelf

  • Market Niche

    A market niche that only you can own

  • Compelling Story

    A clear and compelling story

  • Legacy

    A focus on value beyond just profit and growth

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